How to cast a movie from my iOS device

Set up your Chromecast and ensure that your phone or tablet is on the same wifi network. 
Open the Fandor App and log in. 

On any List page you will see the
Google Cast icon in the top right corner next to the close icon. It will appear gray if nothing is being cast and orange if a cast is in progress. To start casting, tap the cast icon and select your Chromecast from the list.

Your TV will load the Fandor default screen. Now select a film and press the Play button on the film still. The TV will load the movie. Once loaded, controls are displayed to navigate through the film, except Volume which is controlled by the physical volume buttons on the iPhone or iPad.

You can click on the back button in the upper left of this screen to return to the film page and then again to browse our collection. To stop casting, simply tap the
Google Cast icon and select Disconnect.

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