What are the Movie Lists?

More lists you say? We agree! Now you can create, share, and consume movie lists of your own. See the brainy themes that arise from the community. Have a marathon! Click here to go to Fandor's movie list page. 

Create Movie Lists
When you are logged in on one of our film pages, click the ADD TO button and select Movie Lists

Name and add an introduction to your list, you can create your new Movie List!
You can make Movie Lists private by unchecking the Public List option

Edit Movie Lists

Click here to go to Fandor's movie list page. On this page, please select the Edit option on the bottom of your Movie List. Or if you so choose, delete a Movie List by selecting Delete.

You can also find your Movie List page by going to 'My Fandor' on any page

From the Edit Movie List page, you can add/remove films, rearrange the order of your list, change the privacy settings, or edit the title and description.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support line at support@fandor.com.




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