What content is on Fandor?

Look no further! Fandor is your source for quality independent and international cinema.

From our selection of Horror films that are posted weekly to our selection of Kung-Fu movies, we promise you'll find find films that you'll love! We also recommend checking out our Spotlight,  Movie Lists, and Fandor Channel.

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No need to worry that we're editing your favorite films! 
We show the complete film as licensed from the filmmaker or partner. This includes the English subtitles that are offered on most of our foreign language films. At this time, our films do not include closed-captions.

After viewing a film, you have ample opportunities to read up on it via the
Related Articles tab on each film page. Also, don't forget to rate and review the films!

Inspired by our library and want to have your film offered on Fandor? Learn how to
submit your film here.

Is our library missing a film that you'd love to see? See our guide for making a film request to our Content Acquisitions team.


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