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Fandor hopes to foster a community of film-lovers, so we encourage all users to engage with the films they watch and other Fandor members. Already a member and need some help logging in? Click here to reset through our iOS device or here for Web and Android.

Upon creating an account you will be given a profile that includes your name, profile picture, queue, watched films, ratings, and reviews. Don't worry though! Your viewing activity is kept private and will only be visible to you.

You will be able to select if you wish to share your profile page with just Fandor members or the outside community via the drop-down bar at the upper right of your profile page. As we completely understand some users may want to preserve their anonymity, we've compiled some tips for how to do so on our
privacy page.

To access your profile page, click on
My Profile from the drop-down menu that appears under your name in the upper right of your Homepage.

Want to change your profile picture? See our

Have children that may be viewing on your account? You may wish to
block mature content on your profile. See how to do so here.

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