encode SD file sizes

Use these steps to get your film encoded in HD and ready for Fandor!

  1. Download Mpeg Streamclip and select the Mac or PC version here.
  2. Go to List at the top of the window and select Batch List.
  3. Click Add File at the bottom of the pop-up. Select the file you choose then click To Batch.
  4. Leave the default selection and click OK.
  5. Select where you would like your new file to export to and click Select.
  6. Select H.264 from the compression list. Move the quality scale to 100%. Make sure the Limit data rate box is checked and enter 50 mb/s for data rate. Select Deinterlace Video if your film is progressive, otherwise leave boxes blank. And leave the rest as the default settings and click To Batch.
  7. Click Go and it will start encoding. Wait for the progress bar to hit 100%, go look for the file and upload the file to Fandor portal via media shuttle.

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