I'm having a problem watching Fandor on Roku

Are you encountering a problem with watching Fandor movies on Roku? We'd love to help resolve any issues you're experiencing. Please email us at support@fandor.com with a description of the problem. If possible, please also answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

1) What Roku model are you viewing on? (Roku 1 or Roku 2, for example).

2) What is the current Firmware Version of your Roku (to locate this information, log on to your Roku and click the Settings icon on your Roku home screen and then select Firmware).

3) What is the make and model of your Router?

4) What is the make and model of your Wireless Access Point (if different from the Router)?

5) Are you experiencing this issue at a particular time of the day?

6) What are your Download and Upload Bandwidth speeds? You can find these numbers by visiting www.speedtest.net and clicking the Test button. 

7) What is the name of your Internet Service Provider? (For example, Comcast or AT&T).

8) Where are you located? (Please provide Country & State).

9) How many computer/devices are currently hooked up to your network?

10) Which film(s) were you watching when you experienced this problem?

11) How is your Roku connected to your television? (For example, Composite, HDMI cable, etc.)

Please include any additional information that you think is relevant. 


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