How do I link my Roku with my Fandor account?

To link your Roku with your Fandor account, you first need to add Fandor as a channel on your Roku. You can follow this link to see how to install our channel.

Once you have added the Fandor Channel to your Roku, follow these steps to sync it with your Fandor account:

  • On our Roku channel, attempt to view any film. It should bring up a list of options, one of which should be Link to your subscription.‚Äč
  • Select this option and you should be given a case-sensitive 5-digit activation code (e.g. yYMpc)
  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Go here (
  3. Enter the activation code displayed on your Roku in the blank box.
  4. Press the Activate button.

The account should sync with your Roku in a few moments and then you will be able to watch films on your Roku!

Should you have a subscription, but your Roku is saying your subscription has ended, please contact and provide the serial number for your device.


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