I would like to recommend a film to add to the Fandor library.

We always welcome and encourage film recommendations. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to offer all of the titles that we would like to. Unlike the video rental model (wherein a video store can purchase any DVD and make it immediately available to rent), it is necessary for Fandor to license each film individually. We must make arrangements directly with the respective rights holders. Quite often, films are unavailable due to conflicting rights agreements. As those temporary licenses expire, we acquire those films whenever they become available. While we don't have everything, our curatorial team is constantly traveling the world and tracking down great films for our ever-growing library.

If there's a film you believe belongs here, please let us know by emailing us at content@fandor.com. Please try to include the following information in your message:

Film title 
Year film was made

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