Using AppleTV with AirPlay

With the Fandor Movies app for iPad, iPhone and newer Mac models, you can stream directly to your AppleTV using AirPlay. We also suggest running AirPlay before playing any films. For a list of supported Mac models, click here.

To AirPlay to your Apple TV:
  • Start playing the movie on our app
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the iOS Control Center then swipe right to get to the second screen
  • Select your Apple TV and picture and sound will switch to the TV 
  • Swipe down to hide the settings and the play, pause and timeline controls will be visible
You can find further instruction provided by Apple regarding AirPlay and mirroring here.

If you have a 4th generation AppleTV, we support your device directly! See here on how to link your subscription to your TV, or here on how to subscribe through your AppleTV.


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