System requirements (non-web)

Currently, Fandor members can watch thousands of movies on devices other than a computer. Users can stream on Roku, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV (4th gen.), or with Google Chromecast (using Chrome browser, iPad, iPhone, Nexus 7, and Samsung Galaxy).

If you want to connect your computer to your Television, depending on your type of television, you may be able to connect your computer to your TV with a VGA or HDMI cable. Doing so will allow you to play Fandor movies on your TV that are being streamed on your computer.

For more information on watching Fandor, select your streaming device from our supported platforms:

Watch on Roku (Roku 1+)
Watch on iPhone/iPad (iOS 8+)
Watch on Android (aOS 4.1+)
Watch on Apple TV (4th generation)
Watch on Chromecast

If you have requests or suggestions for making Fandor available on a device not listed above, send us a message at


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