Apple TV

Need help viewing Fandor on your Apple TV*? You've come to the right place!

Please note: 
There is currently an issue with one of our recent releases Tom and Viv that prevent playback on Apple TV. We apologize for the inconvenience.

- If you subscribed to Fandor via our website, you'll need to link your Apple TV* to your account. See our guide for linking your Apple TV to your subscription.

- If you subscribed via iTunes on your iPad or iPhone please follow these steps to Restore your subscription on your Apple TV*.

Not yet subscribed? You have a few options! You can create and subscribe your account through our website here or subscribe directly through your AppleTV. You can find the steps to subscribe via your Apple TV here.

- Subscribed through your Apple TV and wish to take a break from Fandor? You can find the steps to unsubscribe through the App Store here.

Have an older AppleTV and want to view Fandor? For all other AppleTV questions, email us at:

*At the moment, the Fandor app is only available on latest AppleTV (4th generation)


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